My Favourite Place For Christmas Shopping | BLOGMAS #4

A few weeks ago, I headed off to Brighton with my boyfriend for a day of shopping by the sea. It’s no secret that Brighton is one of my favourite towns, but not solely for excursions to eat ice cream on the pier in summer. Whilst Brighton is definitely a lovely (albeit busy) location for… Continue reading My Favourite Place For Christmas Shopping | BLOGMAS #4

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3 Simple Winter Hairstyles | BLOGMAS #3

As much as I love having long hair, it can be a bit of a challenge during the latter months of the year. Autumn and winter bring everything needed for a bad hair day: wind, rain and umpteen layers of abrasive clothing that twist hair into a multitude of knots (or one big neck dreadlock… Continue reading 3 Simple Winter Hairstyles | BLOGMAS #3


Festive Bedroom Touches | BLOGMAS #2

One of my favourite things about Christmas (second to baking) is decorating. When the evenings get cooler and darker during the winter months, I always feel like decorations are those warm touches of Christmas spirit which really cheer up the otherwise bleak season. However, when it comes to jazzing up the house with festive touches,… Continue reading Festive Bedroom Touches | BLOGMAS #2

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Christmas Pudding | BLOGMAS #1

If someone asked you to list ten things that you will always associate with Christmas, I’d put money on the fact that the word ‘pudding’ would crop up at some point. Christmas pudding is an age-old custom and although many people aren’t so keen on the fruity dessert these days, it has always been a… Continue reading Christmas Pudding | BLOGMAS #1

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Isle of Wight Day #4: Farringford House and Old Railway Walks

Day #4 of our Isle of Wight stay took us out towards Freshwater in search of the home and gardens of famous poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson. Although it comes as a surprise to a lot of people, Tennyson lived many years of his life on the Isle of Wight and was very fond of it.… Continue reading Isle of Wight Day #4: Farringford House and Old Railway Walks