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Festive Hot Chocolates | BLOGMAS #12

In the lead up to Christmas, coffee shops and cafes all over the United Kingdom release their Christmas menus in a bid to entice chilly customers into their stores for a jazzed-up hot chocolate or coffee. As a self-confessed winter drinks enthusiast, I love it when December rolls around and I can pop into a coffee… Continue reading Festive Hot Chocolates | BLOGMAS #12

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Dried Citrus Decorations | BLOGMAS #11

Citrus fruits are a very popular decorative touch for the festive season; during December, candles and potpourri are all filled with the sweet, tangy fragrance of oranges, and even the decorations in our shops feature dried slices of fruity goodness. This year, I decided to experiment with drying citrus fruits for the first time and I… Continue reading Dried Citrus Decorations | BLOGMAS #11


3 Christmas Films From My Childhood | BLOGMAS #8

As a child, television always seems so much more exciting in the lead up to Christmas. Suddenly, the adverts are all filled with snow, presents and twinkling lights, and there’s usually a Christmas film or two to be seen at some point during the holidays. I remember absolutely loving cuddling up on the sofa with my mum,… Continue reading 3 Christmas Films From My Childhood | BLOGMAS #8

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2 Easy Handmade Christmas Cards | BLOGMAS #6

Christmas cards are an oddly charming custom. Despite our advances in technology, people all over the world still continue to send something physical containing thoughtful, handwritten sentiments to friends and family each year. Although writing out cards can be a lengthy process, I’ve never met a person who doesn’t enjoy receiving them. I also think… Continue reading 2 Easy Handmade Christmas Cards | BLOGMAS #6