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Valentine’s Day Makeup | Candy Pinks

Happy Valentine’s Day! During Blogmas, I shared a Christmas Party Look here on the blog and it very quickly became one of my most popular posts. I love getting creative with my appearance and seeing as you also seem to enjoy it, this year I thought I would mark Valentine’s Day with a new hair… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Makeup | Candy Pinks

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My Winter Pamper Routine | BLOGMAS #23

It’s now only one day until Christmas is upon us and everyone is looking slightly stressed out. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the Christmas rush this year, today I’m here to remind you to take some time out for yourself over the next few days. If you want to wind down but you’re not quite… Continue reading My Winter Pamper Routine | BLOGMAS #23

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My Christmas Party Look 2017 | BLOGMAS #17

Christmas party season is now well and truly in full swing, and whilst some people are not a fan of the festive celebrations, I absolutely adore any opportunity to dress up and experiment with my hair and makeup. This year, I thought it might be nice to share my Christmas styling here on the blog… Continue reading My Christmas Party Look 2017 | BLOGMAS #17

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3 Simple Winter Hairstyles | BLOGMAS #3

As much as I love having long hair, it can be a bit of a challenge during the latter months of the year. Autumn and winter bring everything needed for a bad hair day: wind, rain and umpteen layers of abrasive clothing that twist hair into a multitude of knots (or one big neck dreadlock… Continue reading 3 Simple Winter Hairstyles | BLOGMAS #3

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Burt’s Bees X Niomi Smart Competition Product Review

In April, I became the incredibly lucky winner of the Burt’s Bees X Niomi Smart Instagram competition. I have been a big fan of Burt’s Bees since I first started using their lip balm age 15, so when the company contacted me to inform me that I had won a box of face care goodies picked… Continue reading Burt’s Bees X Niomi Smart Competition Product Review

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My Graduation Outfit

If you’ve clicked on this blog post on the day it was published, there is a good chance that I’m currently shaking hands with some fancy pants people, enjoying a nice glass of bubbly, or creating one of those truly novel throwing-my-cap-in-the-air-in-celebration photographs because IT’S MY GRADUATION DAY! I plan to write a mushy post… Continue reading My Graduation Outfit