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March Favourites | 2017

March is one of my favourite months of the year, but not just because it happens to be my birthday month. For me, it is the cheerful beginnings of spring that make the month special; daffodils and crocuses start to rouse from their winter slumber and birds gradually return to the trees to commence their happy songs. As I am now in my final semester of uni, I generally have less time to spend buying and trying on the favourites front. Therefore, I only have a handful of things to share with you this month, but I hope you will enjoy reading about them nonetheless.

1. Rimmel ‘Brow This Way’ Clear Brow Styling Gel (£4.49)

As a natural blonde, I have light, sparse eyebrows composed of very fine hair which will never stay put in one place for long. The heavily-filled-in eyebrow trend makes me look like a clown, so I’ve taken to trying out eyebrow mascaras because they typically create a more natural look. However, it is proving impossible to find a brow mascara that’s actually a good colour match to my hair. When I spotted this clear brow gel on offer at £3.49 last month, I decided that I’d give it a try and now I think it might be my favourite brow product to date. You can wear this on it’s own for a very natural daytime look, or you can combine it with pencil/powder for a fuller makeup look. All in all, it’s a very versatile product and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you’re looking for a clear brow gel on a budget.

2. Mac Chili Matte Lipstick (£16.50)

One of my friends first recommended this lipstick to me several years ago (thanks, Han!) and I finally bit the bullet and bought it for myself as a 21st birthday treat last month. I’ve owned the shade Velvet Teddy for a long time and I love the formulation of Mac’s matte lipsticks, so I wasn’t at all apprehensive about the quality of the product. The reason it took me so long to pick this lipstick up is because I have a low key insecurity about wearing the colour red; I’ve always been one of those lucky (sarcasm) people with very spot-prone skin and red isn’t exactly a colour which tones down angry blemishes. That being said, my confidence with wearing red has grown in recent years and Chili is probably the best shade on the market for my skin tone and light hair. Chili is an orange-brown, brick-coloured red, so if you often find that vibrant pinky reds don’t suit you, I’d definitely recommend giving this shade a try.

3. Superdrug Restoring Skin Care Oil Spray

In February, I somehow managed to pour a boiling hot cup of tea down myself resulting in second degree burns to my stomach and left hip (which is probably the most English-sounding accident ever recounted). I was assured that the wound wouldn’t scar badly at all, but after it had healed over I was left with a very prominent red patch of new skin which definitely didn’t look great. I decided to give it the best chance possible by picking up some Bio-oil from the shops, but when I got to Superdrug I found that they sell their own oil (which is practically identical) for a much lower price than Bio-oil. After just one month of using this oil, the red mark has faded significantly and I’m a lot more confident now that the mark will eventually be unnoticeable.

(When I looked online, I couldn’t find the actual spray version of the oil which I purchased, so I think it has probably been discontinued. This is the normal oil without the spray top though.)

4. Superdrug Tea Tree Skin Care Exfoliating Scrub (£3.29)

I was given this scrub  for my birthday (thanks, Lizzie!) and it very quickly became a favourite of mine. It contains peppermint and tea tree oils which create the most amazing cooling sensation on the skin and the exfoliants are also 100% natural walnut shell fragments, which means no nasty plastic microbeads making their way into the ocean. I am still a huge fan of the St. Ives scrub which I mentioned in my January Favourites | 2017, but I now use this interchangeably as well for a bit of variety.

5. The Hunger Games (film series)

I was really impressed when I read The Hunger Games books and I have seen (and loved) the films before, but last month I sat down with the family and we watched all of the films together one night after another. They really are a great likeness to the story line in the original novels and I think the casting of the characters and the acting throughout the films is fantastic. If you were never a person who got into The Hunger Games, I would definitely recommend giving the books a read and seeing if you like them. I think most people will get stuck into the story so easily and if you’re a person who likes your films to be loyal to the books you read, you will also love the film adaptations.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about everything I was loving throughout the month of March. If you have any suggestions for things that you think I should try, please do leave them in the comments. I have some pretty heavy assignments and exams coming up over the next few weeks, so I’m not sure how much time I will have to write new blog posts. That being said, you can follow me over on my social media (by following the links on this blog) and I will give you updates every time I have something new on the way!

Peace and love, Alissa


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