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January Favourites | 2017

I have always found January a hard month to get along with. When the cosy, festive lights and decorations have all been packed away and there’s no prospect of snow (not in England, anyway!) to brighten up the winter, the days just seem like an eternity of gloomy, overcast nothingness. This year, with the added pressure of university exams and my third year dissertation, the first month of the year was nothing short of a nightmare. So, to celebrate the end of my mental torture, I’ve decided to let you in on everything I was loving (and that kept me sane) throughout last month.


1. St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub

I feel like I’m a little bit late to the game with St. Ives as a brand, but I have to admit, it’s not really something that’s ever grabbed my attention in shops before. I was given a miniature of this scrub for Christmas and I can only say that I wish I’d discovered it sooner. It has natural exfoliants (yay for no nasty plastic microbeads) which gently cleanse and, unlike other products that I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave a greasy residue when I rinse it off. I will definitely be picking up a new one of these when I run out!

2. Lush Cosmetics Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser

For my last birthday, I was given a tiny tin of this moisturiser (thanks, Eirlys!) and I completely and utterly fell in love with it. However, when I began to near the end of the tin and eagerly went to the Lush Cosmetics website to purchase a new tub, my heart sank into my shoes; I had only gone and fallen in love with the most expensive moisturiser that they manufacture. After accepting that I would probably never have the guts to purchase such an expensive product, you can imagine my joy when I unwrapped a Christmas present from my boyfriend and found this inside. My skin has been extremely happy ever since!

3. No7 Lovely Lashes Mascara

This mascara is magic. It gives lashes so much natural curl and volume (something I have always painfully struggled to achieve) and it’s around half the price of my typical Lancôme favourite! This product is solid proof that something does not have to be expensive to be good.

4. Soap and Glory Hand Food

I never really used to like hand cream and I always thought that it was a bit of an unnecessary product. However, whilst using this, I’ve found that both my skin and my nails are a lot healthier. Unlike other hand creams, this also doesn’t leave my hands feeling oily or unclean whenever I apply it. I typically carry a little tube of this around with me all the time now!

5. River Island Tartan Scarf

One of my colleagues from work gave me this scarf in the cutest little bag of Christmas gifts and I have been wearing it everywhere ever since. I am determined to start wearing more red this year because I’ve been insecure about it for too long (something that’s definitely stemmed from years of awful skin) and this addition to my wardrobe just fits that goal perfectly. I absolutely love its deep, rich berry colour!

6. Yankee Candle Oil Burner

This was without a doubt one of the prettiest gifts I received for Christmas. The whole outside of the burner is decorated with shattered glass, so when a candle burns inside it, the light throws the most beautiful patterns on the surrounding walls and surfaces. At the moment I’m burning Cosy By The Fire which is a lovely winter spice scent, but Pink Sands is also one of my firm favourites.

7. Ideal Home Magazine

I am nowhere close to owning my own home, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming and planning what my future home might someday look like. Lately I’ve been really loving Ideal Home magazines. They have a huge variety of interior decor projects to suit many different tastes and I love their hints and tips on where to get good deals for homeware. This is definitely a magazine to pick up if you’re interested in interior design, or if, like me, you just love looking at the creativity involved in making a house a home.

8. Pinterest

For anyone who doesn’t know what Pinterest is, it’s sort of like one giant pin board for the internet. You can create different boards of ideas/interests and save pins from anywhere across the web to them. For example, I have a ‘Hair’ board full of creative hairstyles I’d like to try. If you’re planning your wedding, or designing your home, you really need to investigate Pinterest. I could easily spend hours scrolling through this site…procrastination has never been easier.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about everything I was loving throughout January. Let me know if there’s anything in particular that you’ve been loving recently, or if there are any products that you’d recommend me trying!


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