365 Days of Happiness

This year, instead of creating a list of New Year’s resolutions (which everyone knows are essentially just made to be broken), my sister suggested that I should take on the challenge of a ‘happiness jar’. The concept is really simple – everyday you write down one thing that has made you happy and pop it into a jar. When the year comes to a close, you empty out the contents of the jar and look at all of the little (or big) things which brought you happiness throughout the year.

My Jar of Happiness

I soaked the label off an old Douwe Egberts coffee jar and decided to rank my happy notes into 3 different colours:

  • White = standard happy things (e.g. enjoying a nice ice cream)
  • Brown = very happy things (e.g. seeing a good friend)
  • Pink = exceptionally happy things (e.g. I’ll be graduating this year!)


I think this challenge is a wonderful way of encouraging yourself to see the positive in life, even when you’re having a rough time. If you suffer with an illness such as anxiety or depression, maybe this would be a way of helping yourself to maintain a better outlook on those more difficult days?

If I manage to keep this up, I will post an update about my jar of happiness halfway through 2017. Please do let me know if you plan on starting up your own jar and feel free to tag me on social media. I’d love to hear/see what you’re planning for your own 365 Days of Happiness!




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