The Art of Hygge: How to Bring Danish Cosiness into Your Life

As the end of the year draws near and the vibrant summer days are replaced with the cold darkness of autumn and winter, I always find it a little bit more difficult to maintain a positive outlook on everyday life. This year, in an attempt to immerse myself in (and potentially develop an okay relationship with) autumn, I discovered the notion of ‘hygge’ in The Art of Hygge: How to Bring Danish Cosiness into Your Life.


‘Hygge’ (hue-gah) is a Danish word which has no clear translation into English, but is intrinsic to the Danish way of life. The best explanation of the sentiment that I’ve found describes it as a sense of wellbeing and an enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. Whether it be the cosy feeling of cocooning in a blanket by the fire in winter, or the overwhelming awe that fills and bubbles over in your chest when you watch a bright sunset paint the sky, these positive and comforting moments are all a step towards the inexpensive happiness of hygge.

“Hygge was never meant to be translated – it was meant to be felt.” – ToveMaren Stakkestad

The Art of Hygge: How to Bring Danish Cosiness into Your Life captures the warming simplicity of hygge perfectly. John Jackson and Elias Larsen have created a collection of small craft projects, recipes and undemanding ideas for everyday activities which are accessible to all. Whist reading through the book, I found myself reaching for a pair of scissors to create a paper snowflake and, around halfway through the process, discovered that I had definitely felt a sense of hygge in the nostalgia of such an effortless but charming craft.



I think that it is important to note that hygge is not something that you need to pay, or strive very hard for. It can be as simple as enjoying a mug of delicious hot chocolate, or as inexpensive as a relaxing walk along a beach. Hygge is there to be felt, by anyone who wishes to open up their heart to it. So, if you’re like me and you’re struggling with the shifting seasons, focus a little more on doing something that will make your soul smile today!


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